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Jan 21, 2018  

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Dee, from Launceston, wanted to know what would happen to EU laws covering protected species such as bats in the event of Britain leaving the EU. The answer is that they would remain in place, initially at least. After the Leave vote, the government will probably review all EU-derived laws in the two years leading up to the official exit date to see which ones to keep or scrap. The status of Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas, which are designated by the EU, would be reviewed to see what alternative protections could be applied. The same process would apply to European Protected Species legislation, which relate to bats and their habitats. The government would want to avoid a legislative vacuum caused by the repeal of EU laws before new UK laws are in place - it would also continue to abide by other international agreements covering environmental protection. How much money will the UK save through changes to migrant child benefits and welfare payments? Martin, from Poole, in Dorset, wanted to know what taxpayers would have got back from the benefit curbs negotiated by David Cameron in Brussels. We don't exactly know because the details were never worked out. HM Revenue and Customs suggested about 20,000 EU nationals receive child benefit payments in respect of 34,000 children in their country of origin at an estimated cost of about £30m.

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Saint Laurent bets on online sales in China

Saint Laurent bets on online sales in China French fashion label Saint Laurent said it was partnering with Toplife, a platform launched last October by REUTERS PARIS (Reuters) - French fashion label Saint Laurent will start selling online in China through a portal, joining shopping players like Alibaba in trying to tap strong luxury goods demand from Chinese a total noob consumers. The French brand, created in 1961 by its late founder Yves Saint Laurent, said on Monday it was partnering with Toplife, a platform launched last October by which aims to woo luxury buyers with same-day deliveries and premium services. It rivals Luxury Pavilion, a similar portal launched in August which is backed by Alibaba's Tmall platform and features products from fashion groups such as Burberry. Chinese shoppers made up 32 per cent of the worldwide luxury market last year, more than any other nationality, consultancy Bain & Co said. KPMG has projected that half of China's domestic luxury consumption could come from web sales by 2020. Online shopping has proved a potent earnings driver for fashion brands even if many were initially reluctant to distribute their wares too widely. Top labels such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton recently started marketing directly to Chinese buyers with their own websites in the country. High-end fashion houses are still wary of alliances with mass-market platforms such as Amazon, however, fearful they will lose control of their image. and Alibaba's specialist luxury platforms have already lured several other brands, touting themselves as more exclusive, selective sites.

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